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Japanese chiyogami locket necklace


Only 1 piece in stock!

♥This is Handmade item,
only have 1 stock, and
one of a kind♥

this is the lovely gift for "HER" , for friends, and everyone you love :)
it's is unique and one of a kind, it's only 1 quantity available for each item.


  • the matchbox handmade by wood, with Japanese chiyogami paper cover 
  • locket outside approx. 3cm
  • necklace chain approx. 50cm ( 20" )
  • handmade Japanese chiyogami locket necklace
  • this listing is only for 1 piece of locket necklace and the matchbox.
  • locket  hand wrapped with Japanese Chiyogami paper, Japanese Chiyogami paper is coated to protect and make it resistant
  • Please note that this item is not 100% waterproof. It is recommended that you remove it before bathing, swimming, etc..
  • come with the beautiful handmade matchbox package. Japanese chiyogami pattern is random, cause the Japanese chiyogami paper are the limited edition, we can't guarantee which one can be available, but we can make sure every matchbox chiyogami pattern will be very beautiful
  • the other items and accessories only for taking the photos, NOT include .


  • Carefully and Beautiful package 

***this is a miniature item ,NOT A TOY. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN.***

Thank you so much :)

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