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Kikuike Handmade Studio 
we are the Team of Handmade Japanese Art.
and to create the art dolls, dollhouse and wedding products.
we have a team of products specialists ,we ensure that all products are produced with superior craftsmanship and quality materials that adhere to our rigorous design specifications.
our team members combines fine who all share a love for making a wonderful wedding cake toppers for you :)
our commitment to quality doesn't stop at production, we have professional master sculptors who create and make an amazing cake topper for you.
every single order is handcrafted by one master sculptor from start to finish .
our master sculptors spend their painstaking to make every part and details of your cake topper perfect.
every cake topper is unique, and just handmade for you, we are no molds are used.
our team works hard to ensure that you are able to find the cake topper you want, to reflect both you and your fiance's personal style.
our sculptors also created 1:12 dollhouses and wedding cake to match your wedding planning process, which will give you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding ^^
In our team work, our photographer will take a wonderful photos for you have a look ^.^
we have your questions answered, our assistants will answer all of your questions, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, she will be happy to answer you, and received your order in a timely fashion and in top condition.
we have provided a beautiful package for the cake toppers, and our assistants will pack well the parcel and sent them to you in time.
we will done a wonderful art works for you, and promise that you will receive the cake topper, dollhouse and art dolls as when as you want to.~^.^~
our works makes us travel around the world, and we always have the projects in oversea, we are working in different place and every place bring us a memorable moments, and get lots of inspiration.
hope our team art works can stop in every place around the world, and share the happiness with you through our unique, exquisite and memorable works ♥ ♥ ♥
it's our pleasure to provide the highest quality and the most perfect service for you.
our designed team wanted it to be about young love, pure romance, sweet but current. it is our team's mission ;)




variety of wedding magazine, wedding blog, medias are introduced and  recommended our products as wedding cake topper ideas, as seen in CNN and Fox31 .

variety of wedding magazine, wedding blog, medias are introduced and recommended our products as wedding cake topper ideas, as seen in CNN and Fox31 .

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Kikuike Handmade Studio Wedding cake topper

We have over 20 years experience in our handmade Japanese Arts, and start the cake topper at 2010. We have completed almost 10,000 orders of cake topper, It's our pleasure for our lovely cake topper can have a chance to join your wedding party and share your happiness ♥
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